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3 nats f missile libya ---how a u-n coalition plans to stop the qaddafi regime....and role the united states will play... playy.. new radiation concerns in japan the foods that ֖֖֖֖֖ ?ca derrek lee finally makes his radioactive materials have been detected in ... ... weather open open "i dont know what ould ok." . im glad the kids are - a group of kids sick at school ...the substance they ate --- and who gave it to them... them... and a free surgery ---the controverssal operation these want... oriole debut... and makiig his fox 45 debut is jed gamber... he joins us now with sports unlimited... jed... jed... .coming up tonight on sports un. unlimited... .derrek lee on the field for the first time this spring... see how he did at the plate ion. unlimited... .derrek lee on the field for
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3- a developing story out of libya tonight ----hello i'm the u-s and french militaries fired missiles into's an internatiinal mission folbaum reports ... allied troops are in the medeterranian to stopplibyan leader from attacking his peopl. peeple. -------------------------------- p------------------------------- the first time this spring... see how he did at the plate in his oriole debut....johns overtime... did a controverisial call against the blue jays cost th awi.johns overtime... did a controverisial call against the blue jays cost them a win???....and mcdonogh hosted the top-ranked lacrosse school in the country... we'll see if the agles could pull off the upset and climb up the national rankings....that and more - sports unlimited starts right now... see if the agles could pull off the upset and climb up the national rankings....that and -------------------------------- -------------------------------- --------the u-s -- taking part in an international military operation to prooect people in libba. the pentagon says more than a hundred cruise missiles weee filed from both the u-s submarines.... attacking thee libyyn air defense systems. statement during his visit to brazil. obama: "the us is acting ... ... libyan people." eerlier france launched a militaay operation against qadaffi forces. more - sports unlimited starts right now... .for most of the spring, this is all derrek lee could watc.. thumb surgerfor most of signed the spring, this is all derrek lee could do... watch... following offseason thumb surgery... the o's signed the veteran first baseman hoping he would return tooall-star form... after battling soreness n his right wrrst, lee made his spring training debut today against the phillies...
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fighttr jets attacking the libyan forces in the opposition stronghold of benghazi. it's theefirst international military mission to support the uprising against muammar qaddafi. this comes right after the u-s, europe and the arab world announced immediate military actionn against qaddafi forces. nicolas sarkozy: our airforce will oppose any aggression by colonel gadhafi pgainst the population of benghazia military official .and in the bottom of the 1st... lee steps up to the plate for he first time as an oriole... with runners on 2nd and 3rd... on a 3-2 count... lee watches ball 4 go by as he loads the bases for vladimir guerrero....and the first likks... serves it into center... robert andino scores... orioles strike first... they scored 3 in the inning to lead 3-0....bbttom half of the 2nd... lee with another 3-2 count... this time cole hamels gets him swinging to end the says the u-s intends to álimitá its involvement -- at least in the initial stages -- to helping protect french and other air missions.the official also says... depending onnhow libyan forces respond... the u-s could launch additional attacks in support of allied forces.after an international meeting oo the issue in paris... secretary of state hillary bring "unique capabilitiessto bear" in libya. hillary: the oh-for-one....bottom of the ay 4th... guurrero at the dish... this s what you call a seeing eye single... right uppthee middle... jake fox scores... orioles lead of the
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u.s. will support "all necessary measuues" tt put the u.n. security council president obama says the u-s andda coalition of ther countries are prepared to act with urgency to end violence against civilians in libya.the president speaking in brazil on the first day of a three-counnry latin american tour.obama:our consensus was strong, and our resolve is clear. the ppople of libya must be protected(on cam tag) president obama says he is aware of the risks of takiig military action nd reiterates that the uniteddstates will not send grrund forces into new york rick folbaum fox news. libyan leader muammar qaddafi wrote a open letter to world leaders today--- as fighter jets firedupon his militaryy tanks. in his letter delivered by his spokesman --- qaddafi calls president obama his son- and himself the leader of the libyan revolution. he even childree are willing to - die for himm he also writes a second - more threatening letter to united naaions chief ban ki moon, and the leaders of france and britain. qaddafi calls anninterrational intervention unjust. back here in baltimore -- a baltimore ccty policc officer
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is recovering after being shot last night.myranda stephens reports --- residents in the neighborhood where it happened are concerned about the violence... and some are still suspicious... of police. 25:37 ww were sitting right here you know just ennooing the weather 42pamela hughes was hanging out with friends last night on darley avenue... when the sound of gunshots interrupted their fun. pamela 36:04 we're pushng the kids in the house trying to get ourselves in the house 088he &pgunshots came from around the corner on harford road... wheee police say a suspect on a bike shot at detectives... who tten fired back. robert 28828 i just heard the gunshots and first thing i did was try and find out where my nephew was 33nats of robeet robert watkins has lived in this east baltimore neighborhood for more than 40- years. he ssys, sadly, he'ss gotten used to the violence. 2752 the young kids now they nobody for no elders 57 myranda 41:46 but while they're fed up with the violence. many in this neighborhood are still critical of police 53robert 29:07 i don't know which cop it was personally but from
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some of thh cops comeearoundd here they come around with attitude 13 pamela 37:33 they're not around here when we need them. they'rr all around here now because of the unfortunately 42 but police commissioner fred bealefeld says his officers are out patrolling violent neighborhoods everyday... and that was the case last night. &p54:05 we'reenot riding around willy nilly. ttese men are very highly trained, very highly skilled 10 butt butt butt 54:13 they're risking theii lives to make this city safer 17 and despite last night's shootinng.. police say they're not going anywhere. and neither are these residents. 38:59 no we're not going to leave. you know, but we'll just have to pray harder 04in east baltimore, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten.. one officer was shot n the neck and taken to shock trauma. but police say he's expected to recover. the listed in critical condition - attjohns hopkins hospital. and the violence continued
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overnight ---- one person is dead --- 6 others are hurt --- in three separate shootings. about an hour after the police involved shhoting ---- 2 men were shot on east hoffman street --- both will survive... &plater --- two 18-year olds took themselves to the hospital --- after they were shot in west baltimore. but a tripll shooting on mc- mechen street left a 21-year old dead.the two other victims are expected to survive.police or motives innany of those three shootings. 3&and remember you can track criminal activity in your peighhorhood on our website... you can even get emails when a crime to fox baltimore dot com and click on "spot crime" in hot topics at the top of the screen. the woman thought to be the sooe survivor of a robbery in bethesda -- is now charged with murder.... murder....a store employee found 30-year-old jayna murray dead --- inside the lulu lemon athletic store in ethesda last week.brittany norwood was
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also there --- bound and hurt. norwood told pooice -- two masked men sexually assaulted her and murray --- police now say... that story was a hoax. after fiiding physical and forensic evidence inside the deceased victim's car, ms. norwood became a suspecc in the case. police alsoosay the only two scene --- belong to norwood and the victim. amazing grace graceloved ones and neighbors gathered earlier today to remember jayna murray.she was beaten and stabbed to deaah inside that yoga clothing store.thh groop began with prayer in candlelight.... inside the mindfflness center on eem street. they walked through bethesda row holding their candles and endeddthe night.... singiig "amazing grace"..... across the street from the store. it's horrible to think that somebody could dd that to their co-worker.butti used to live here in bethesda and nothing like this ever
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happens, when something like this happens it'' just really overall residents say they still feel safe --- but are angry that someone could kill another person. 3. . in japaa -- new concerns rise after radiation the trouble nuclear plant.near - plant. japanese government officials say radiation levels in áspinach and milká -- from farmm near the plant -- exceeded government levvls. there have also been trace amounts of radioactive iodine found in the tap water across experts say none of those but - tests showed any health risks --- since the fukushima plume did not blow high into the mccone says: "after an accident, the atmmsphere can make a tremendous difference-- it can make the dilution of radiation in the atmosphere make the difference between a very serious health consequenne, and a trivial, unimportant health consequence." consequence." officials with tte áinternational atomic
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energy agencyá say the most troubled reactor -- number 3 -- is stable ow, after fire with water... but warned it could get worse. many mericans working and studyinggin japan are starting to make their way home ---the u-s embassy is trying to hurry them off the island nation.and this morning a towson university student... studying there.....finally made it (nats from japan)in the midst of chaos....((ats))4:05) i thought i wooldn't see her till june....obviously circumstances changed that..... what's to come.....(4:15)she's an exchange student japanese is year she's been there ssnce august....edwin waiting here at bwi......for aa priceless package....(10:11) trust me i'm looking.....his
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daughter.....danielle jacob.....a towson student.....studying broaddin coming home.....alive....(5:46)it was a relief to hear her voice before i heard there was a tsunami or an earttquake..... danielle's first year of college......she was hooked on japanese cartoons......and iis culture.....she haa to be a paat of.....(5:00)getting a's in japanese and b's in english how do you do that....but her time was cut short......after the earthqqake and tsunami.....she luckily..... (16:13 hold this)made it home......(21:50)the earthquake started that afternoon in the middle of class and everyone after it was all over shaking....we thought it would be okay tomorrow go baak to school next week go back to school....turned in homework.....but her homework.....was left unchecked (22:56)the walls were shaking 3 the desks were shaking..... school was closed......(23:27) we thought it would be the end.....and students were sent home.....(cont bite))ctually we were like oh god are we gonna die here.....but in the end.......(26:17)after i
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graduate.......despite the circumstances.....(cont bite)i wanna do english as a parent program her heart is still in japan.....(cont bite)just to get back there.....and get paid..... when danielle got back to told....her mom had a huge breakfast waiting for word on when or if she will be able to return to finish her program...... and tonight towson university hosted a large group of japanese actors for one highlites japanese culture w through ancient theater. it was planned well in advance. but melinda roeder explains... after this month's disaster... it seemed uncertain the show would g on. 3 pook live intro: when the performers went to the airport in tokyy... they weren't sure but they had no plans to cancel this very special american tour. ------------------(cover?) 11:08 "there's a little bit just samurais and sushi!"in
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japan... theater is an art that's been passed down ince the 14-th century.04:48 "from generation to generation."more &pabout tradition... than tonys...these performers... are on a missiin... to promote their culture.05:39 "our job is to perform."12:15 "acting's the best thing we can do."but it's a mission that was nearly upstaged by disaster.11::8 "japanese people have to get together and go though this." most of the ctors live neer tokyo. hundreds of miles from the areas hardest hit.but the all felt the move...02:29 "at that ime i was in tokyo. the aftermath that's left them all shaken.12:58 "we're of course coocerned of the nuclear plant."still... ttey left their homeland to go on tour. because.. they feel the show must go on.(insert nats?) 15:10 "it's about two servants
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who steal their master's wine when he's away."part comedy. pprt drama. theatre is a lot like life.04:36 "japan has a lot of traditional culture." and while they hope americans learn more about their art... they share an interest in ours. 13:54 "i used to go to cowboy camp every summer when i was in elementary school." ---------------------look live close:"they did ave to cancel some shoos back in japan... due to damage from the disaster. but they're hopiig when they return... hey can help their country heal. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at stay with fox45 for the latest on the situation in japan ...amd get more information anytime at fox baltimore dot com --click on disaster in japan in the "hot topics" section. 3 as japan rushes tt protect it's citizens from radiatton exposure --- tragedy are reflecting on ear
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their lives ---llter in tonight's cover story ---how they are coping --- and what they are saying about nuclear energy... pete piringer / d.c. fire e- &pp-s: "they were haviig some ill effects. werent feeling right, sore throats, things of phat nature." nature." a group of kids illegal substance they atee--- anddhow they got it... suspects.. on the run from police. we hope their luck runs out.. when we spin the wheel of justice.. next.
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mcdonald's strawberry-banana and wild berry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ fighting back police need your help tracking downna fugitive. jeff barnd has tonight's wheel of justice. jussice. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 we're trying to put one of these suspects behind bars
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tonight.a spin of the wheel determines which fugitive we highlight... and then we'll open our hotline for tips. tips.57 year old ira solomon is wanted for a crime police say happened on this block in downtown late february.. solomon was t his girlfriend's hooe on fayette street off of m-l-k boolevard. police say they got into a fight.. and solomon attacced her.7:19:37 she attempted to call police, however he pulled the phone away, threw her to the grounn and continued to assault her.she was taken to the hospital.. and solomon took off.ira sslomon is 5-feet 7-inches tall and wwighs 157 po. can help put ira solomon behind bars. if you have any information.. ccll our hotlineeat be back next saturday with 'll - more wanted suspects.. and &ano justice"..
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police have just released surveillanceevideo showing the aftermath of a robbery spree that happened onna d-c metro train line last december. december.the masked gunmen robbed passengers of their wallets --- ipods --- nd cell phones --- and then took off. they even sucker punched a guy first --- metro said the crimes weren't as bad as the tape shows otherwise. "it's very scary that we don't have the protection on the train ann it's very scary that people pick that opportune time to do things nnthe train when they see no one's there watching." pt all happened on a train between the minnesota avenue ann stadium-armory stations. a string of druggbusts in anne arundel county .... ....first in annapolis --- three arrests are made --- after police found 21 bags of high grade pot priced at about 215-thousand dollars.police traced it back to a house --- where it was beinn grown.then two more arrests in pasadena.... for heroin and a gun ...aad police also seized
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a package containing 14- thousand dollars of crystal meth ---- and made two more arrests. in d-c --- a fourth grader brought cocaine to school --- and then shared it with his cla. happened at strong thomson elementarr school.six to eight children were given the substance -- and swallowed it. then.... they started to feel sick...... and complained of sore throats.paaents and learn cooaine was in the - classroom. "it's really concerning because you would never know what other kids could bring in, especially if they share, or ,,maybe some, i dont know what could happen, but, its the kids are ok." the studenns were taken to area hospitals --- and released.... tonight a community is calling for answers and help for one of their own. own.for the third saturday in a row, members of the govees community stood outside what remains of brenda lucas' home.
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lucas, her daughter and grandchildren were left homeless by an arson fire that ripped through their home on february seventh. now lucas says she's trying to begin rebuilding her life with little help from city officials. "they know what i need. i don't know exactly what iineed or either that layout of what to do first or what to do next. i'm struggling with just my day-tt-day activities just to sustain us and live from momenttto moment." moment." lucas says the city wants her to pay 10 thousand dollars to demooish the debris and more money to rebuild her hhme. 3. .if you're in the maaket fora new's probably going toccst you more...and thaa's notjust for the sticker price. last night a house committee approved a plan to raise more thhn 67-million dollars in various fees.that includes...increasingghe titling fees on new vehicles... from 50-dollars to 100-dollars. bbt lawmakers haverestored at least two-thirdsof the education funds cut from
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governor o'malley's budget. that means fundingper student in baltimore cityschools will remain the sameas it was this past year. (haines) "which is huge for us especially baltimore ctiy because it restores almost $15 million that we would have lost as the governor's allowance came in." in."but state lawmakers have stillnot voted on proposed increasesin the gasoline tax...alcohol tax...or tobacco tax. baltimore's city solicitor says the mayor did not violate ethics laws by voting on contracts invloving johns hopkins university. university. baltimore's eehics code says public officials should not vote on contraccs if relatives have a financial stake.stephanie rawlings blake's husband worked for a group áwithiná the hopkins áhealthá system. she voted on 22 contracts involving the áuniversityá -- not -- the hopkins áhealthá system. three police officers will go before a grand jury that's investigating anne aaundel county executive john leopold.
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hees accused of mis-using his tax-funded security detail.the officers made thousands of dollars in overtime -- partly done running errands for leopold.he admitted to having them run errands during his re-election campaign -- because he was recovering from the smoking ban on the bethany beach boardwalk is now moving beyond the summer months --- to the entire year.the ban applies to the boardwalk and access ramps --- the bandstand, parks, and playgrounds.smokers will still beeable to light up at desiinated areas.a first time offense carries a warning --- but repeat violators... could face fines. renooations for "balttmore's movie palace"instead of a senator theater will be adding more screens.operators --- james and kathleen cusack say it will allow them to book more films and offer more flexibility.constructiin will not destroy any of the priginal auditorium. but it's
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not aadone deal --- final plans musttbe approved to make renovations to this historical site. today the red cross honored giffords by training locals to help save lives. volunteers wereetaught c-p-r, how to treat external bleeding --- and the signs of shock.the goal is to be prepared as an emergency reeponder and still be able to act as a witness. "you never know when a disaster like tuscon or japan can occur so we need to rely on each other, on bystanders to be able tt help sustain a li" life"the red cross held "save a life saturday" at more than 100 locations across the country. gorgeous day today --- --- and if you look into the sky tonight --- you will see a pretty full moon with a little explanation.. meteorologist emily gracey .... .... 3 3
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today the baltimore zoo hosted a birthday bash for samppon
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the elephant. elephant. sampson is the --- he turned 3 today. zoo curators say the young elephhnt is a popular member of the zoo family. "you can look around the crowd today and see everybody remembers him, knows him and wants to come celebrate with himm so, i think he's great. great. the party was a family affair with the zoo's four elephants each receiving a cake made of potatoes, ruit and veggies. an elephant cake was also donated by charm city cakes. 3 "are you the living example of the price of nuclear technology?""" am," he says. "we are the first victims of thh uclear era." era." while theee are warnings of another nuclear threat in japan tonight's cover story ---- we talk to survivors of the last nuclear disaster victims of an atomic bomb are reacting to the recent disaster in japan.
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and later --- standing in line with anticipation to be one of the few hopeffls to get free surgery ....the peration these people so desparately want --- has passed since japan was hit
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by a massive earthquake and tsunami... it's being called japan's most traumatic national experience since world war ii. kyung lah talks to survivors of the bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki...
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and compares the emotions from then and now. now. --reporter pkg-as follows -- japan races to control the emergecy at the fukushima nuclear plant nnrvous residents flee from the growing crisisfor the elderly running from a disaster, this is the second nuclear crisss pf their lifetimes..."it's so scary," says this 75 year old evacuee.for this generation, ago when these men were children.they surviivd japan 's first nuclear crisis when the u-s dropped atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki, ending world war two."it felt like being hit by a baseball bat in the head and that was only the beginning," says mikiso iwasa-- he was just 16 than a mile from hiroshima's
10:30 pm
epicenter.among the estimated 140,000 killedd his mother, his sister every siigleeone of his relatives, except for one aunt."are you he living example of the price of nuclear technology?""i am," he says. "we are the first victims of the nuclear era."as fukushima, and the impact on their generation now hit twice by nuclear emergencies, he says"i strongly question whether nucllar energy is helping peace and life."both iwasa and terumi tanaka believe nuclear energy should not exist, especially in earthquake and tsunami prone japan."do you believe the benefit of nuclear energy outweighs the cost?""for me, no" says tanaka, only 13 years old when the bomb fell on nagasaki. he was less than two milee from the epicenter spared from the burns but he sees the long-term health impact of radiation.nuclear power, unless made 100 percent secure, should never be
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allowed in any form near mankind, they say.japan's past and present, says tanaka, proves t."japan has seen darker daas. it rose from the ashes after the war and became economic superpower. the world war 2 survivors say they believe japan will emerge from this nuclear crisis..they wonder if it will be with new lessons learned."at age 81, iwata still suffers from radiation-relatee health problems.but they're nothing, constant nightmares of his pying mother that haunt him. "it's our hope to have us as the final victims," he says. "i hope it won't ever happen to your generation."kyung lah, cnn, tokyo.-----end----- cnn.script 3 standing in line --- and applying to be one of the few hopefuls to get free surgery ....the operation these people so desparately want --- 21:28:59 randy "chocolate
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martinis, key liie pie martinis, margaritas" margaritas" pick your poison. we put the barmaid drink rimmer to the deal or dud test. later on the news at ten --- find out if it makes hosting &pyour own cocktaii party easie ...
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a nasa scientist living in florida has a áveryá close connection to libyan leader --- muammar qaddafi. qaddafi.jamal naas was sent to learn about nuclear energy. fearing he only wanted someone who could make a nuclear bomb --- naas stayed in florida and went to work for tte space program.and now is actively taking part in the libyan revolution --- starting "glimmer of hope" a group demanding qaddafi to step down. in thailand --- men are hoping to become women --- for free. free.about two thouuand transvestites registered for a free sex change operation.each applicant had to go through an interview process to make sure they're ready to be transgender.the operation can cost up to 4-thousand dollars - -- only 5 will be selected to
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receive the procedure for free. 3 21:30:30 i turn it upside down, i spin it it it's five o clock somewhere! the barmaid drink rimmer promises to add áspiceá to your favorite cocktail, but does it deliver?we put it to the deal or dud test.
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tonight's top story ---the u-s military fired missiles into libya today ---it's part of an international mission against qaddafi forces.the pentagon says more than a hundred cruise missiles were fired from both u-s and british war ships and submarines --- they are targeting the libyan airr defense system.president obama says uus illtary involvment will be álimiteeá to protecting and supporting áotherá air missions. "the u.s. will support "all necessary measures" to put the u.n. security council resolution into place." place."there are ánoá plans for ground troops to be deployed. this isn't tte first time the u-s has had problems with the libyan leader --- muammar al- qaddafi. between 19-81 and 19-89 --- tensions were high --- stemming from attacks and
10:43 pm
bombings by the qaddafi regime. president reagan immediately took a standd... "when our citizens are abused or attacked anywhere in the world on the direct orders of a hostile regime, we will &prespond." this is the first international military mission to support the uprising against qaddafi. po ou want to spice up your drinking routine?one product claims it can help your cocktail hour bring more to the table.the barmaid drink rimmer claims it can rim your glasses with your favorite spice...without any hassle or mess.but when it comes to this product, is the glass half empty or half full?patrice harris puts it to the deal or d. dud. the barmaid drink rimmer might just whet your palette when it comes to making does it leave you feellng shaken, 3 if you're looking to shake things up a bit....21:31:45
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nats of shaking a fancy cocktail might just be the antedote.and no matter what kind of poison you pick.... 21:28:59 randy "chocolate martinis, key lime pie martinis, margaritas" concocting the perfect cocktail...21:30:23 we just have to get he rim wet 21:30:30 i turn it upside down, i spin itcan be a tall order to fill. (video here of the chocolate martini that looks messy)21:29:50 you just keep a smile and keep on going now, one product promises to spice up your drink of choice. with just the push of a button, the barmaid drink rimmer claims it can dazzle your drink's rim withouu any hassle,,mess, or waste. 21:30:53 as far as i know in 20 years of bbrtending there's no quicker way to get it on the rim than to urn it upside down and spin it on the plate we put the drink rimmer to the will it work test.21:31:04 it could probably work but i'd have to see it firstthe directions seem simple... 21:32:07 it says wet it round with fruit slice, rotate the &pglass while pressing the button and enjoybut after decorating this margarita... 21:33:44 yea, this don't work
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the drink rimmer left our bartender feeling a little bit sour21:33:53 the glass is fine but this eviddntly doesn't work because it has a lot of gap near the edge of the glass of a mess as you can see on my bar right there so when you want theedrinks to flow, what's a better workkflow? 21:37:47 you can just use a piece of fruit to go around the glass, put your ssuff out on a flat tray like this, and use it at home on a saucer saucer21:35:10 would you rather have this much saat on a aglass ar when yo mgot 50, 60 people ordering from the bar and people upstairs there's absolutely no way you could use itso is the idea of paying 30 dollars for this product a tough one to swallow?21125:34 for 30 bucks i could have 3 martinis here on a mondaghpayin 30 dollars for this product a tougon21:36:04 as we say in the south, it ainta wn for more information on the rimmer, l on :as com slash news links. links.patrice harris fox45 news at ten. news links. links.patrice harris fox45 news at ten.
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3 .derrek lee sees his first action of the spring... see how the o's big free agent signing did against the phillies... next in spoots unlimited... 3
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